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This weekend was the first round of the BEMBA national Enduro series, and it was time to see how the winter training had paid off.
We arrived on Friday evening and I was fresh off a 12hr night shift, not ideal prep but I just had to get on with it. Saturday I managed to practice all of the stages and they weren’t that different from last year at Afan so I felt like I knew them well enough to only ride them once. I made a few tweaks to the bike and was feeling pretty chilled about it all.
Sunday was here and it was time for the BS to stop and the race face to go on. The biggest pedal of the day took us to stage 1 (the final descent of Blade) and it was pretty cold over there! If I’m honest I really didn’t enjoy this stage and it showed big time with my time, I really struggled with it and just didn’t feel like I was going fast (and I wasn’t). Bigger wheels needed for this stage!
S2 was a bit of the same for me, I popped out the bottom knowing I was way too cautious and had a lot more to give.
At this point, I gave myself a bit of a talking too, and s3/4 and 5 were a bit better.
Overall I was a little disappointed with my riding this weekend, just didn’t have the go. That being said I’m super happy to take the win in the master’s women against probably the most competitive field I’ve raced in! The thing I love about this sport is the people you meet and this weekend is no exception to that,  it was really awesome to see so many fast women out there!
Onwards and upwards to round 2.

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