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Custom MTB Jerseys

Team Far Kew came to us with a request for some new Custom MTB Jerseys. Their brief was to make them loud, pink and feature lots of flamingos.

We were able to quickly come up with a few design concepts for the team to choose from and develop further. We were then able to get them manufactured quickly and even customise the fabric to allow for printing on the side panels.

Keep reading for more info about the Team Far Kew race team.

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Before Custom Design/Branding

All our products are made of the highest quality materials and use OEKO-TEX® certified inks.

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Custom MTB Jersey Double Drop Your Design Here Double Drop Team Far Kew Custom MTB Jersey Front
After Custom Design/Branding

Team Far Kew wanting something loud, pink and have lots of flamingos. With this brief we created a Jersey that perfectly suited the team. We were even able to customise the fabrics to enable printing on the side panels too!

Team Far Kew

Instagram: @team_far_kew
Team Far Kew started as a few mates who enjoyed riding, wanted to go racing and not be taken seriously.
A few years later and we’re still there, with a few changes.
Kenny is a fresh face in the team and has no racing experience, which Brad and Will are looking forward to showing him the way. No word if it shall be the right way.
Will is coming back to racing after breaking his arm and Brads collarbone over in Morzine last year. He’s super amped to get between the tape again!
Brad just wants to ride his bike and improve his results. He’s been trying to do so for the past few years, so let’s hope the fresh kit and bike push him to do so.
We’ve always had something that stands out from the crowd, whether that be our bikes, riders and gear. With this year’s bikes and gear, you will not miss us on the trails!


Age: 27

Instagram: @zimzimma
I’m Bradley, been riding and racing for a few years and still don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Just know I enjoy going fast, finding the limit and once there, I realise my ambition outweighs my talent!
Hoping to hit as many races as possible this year, both Enduro and DH.
This year’s Jersey’s are just awesome! The fit, the cut and design are just too good!


Age: 33
Instagram: @yeah_gnar_yeah
Grew up riding MTB in NZ, then moved to Aus as a teen. Favourite racing is enduro, I love getting out and exploring new places and trails on my bike. Most at home on flowy singletrack, but usually happiest after conquering janky tech sections.
Loving the comfort and breathability of this year’s kit. Awesome design and perfect for our team.


Age: 21

Instagram: @princesskinnyy
I’m Kenny, the teams latest and maybe the greatest member.
Have been riding for just over a year and I can’t wait to get racing with the team.
Prefer Downhill riding as I don’t have to pedal.
Pink is also my favourite colour, so the team jersey suits me! The jersey also keeps me nice and cool.


Photographer: Adam Staton

All photos of Team Far Kew in this post were taken by Adam Staton

Instagram: @adamstatonphoto
Roots and Rain:

I’m Adam Staton, a photographer who specialises in shooting mountain bike photography.

I love getting out and shooting mtb races, trail riding, jump sessions and really just anything where people are messing about doing cool stuff on bikes. Recently, me and the Team Far Kew boys went out into the wilds of the Surrey Hills to shoot them modelling their new custom Double Drop race kit, as well as to grab some snaps of them shredding the trails.

The jerseys look awesome, with lovely colours and print quality, and the boys were all buzzing on the fit and feel as they put them through their paces racing down the finest trails Pitch Hill has to offer.

If you like what you see and want me to come and shoot you and your mates on your bikes, DM me on instagram @adamstatonphoto or email at [email protected]

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