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Quark Shockwiz Review

What is the Quark ShockWiz?

This Shockwiz review will explain what the Shockwiz is and what I think of the MTB suspension tuning product one year on.

ShockWiz is a suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines hardware with a smartphone app.

It is Lightweight, durable and powered by a long-lasting coin cell battery. The ShockWiz automatically records and evaluates suspension performance whilst you ride. The ShockWiz app displays the adjustments that unite bike, terrain and riding style.

ShockWiz works for all mountain bike riders, regardless of their experience or bike’s intended use. With ShockWiz, you know exactly how your suspension is performing – and how to make it better. It’s important to note that Shockwiz only works with air sprung suspension and not coil.

Initial Thoughts

I’ve had the Shockwiz for roughly a year now. I bought it because I didn’t feel comfortable setting up my suspension correctly and I was sure I could be getting more from the suspension than the default settings.

I like the fact that it is easy to switch over from fork to rear shock just using some cable ties and following the setup wizard on the app. It does need to be setup correctly to get accurate readings.

The app is easy to use and gives you clear feedback and advice for adjusting the suspension for optimal results.

MTB Suspension setup has never been so easy. You will learn to set the sag, adjust rebound and damping.

Dialling in your suspension

I found that the results got better the longer I used the Shockwiz, which makes sense as it only goes by the data it receives and the longer you use it the more data it has. It can be quite fiddly at the beginning with results asking you constantly make tweaks to your rebound, pressures and damping. It’s worth the effort though as soon you will start to notice the suspension behaves exactly as you want it. The app even lets you specify your preferred result from your riding style.

It’s worth noting that the Shockwiz assumes you have full control over suspension adjustment. High & Low speed, Tokens, Rebound etc. Not all forks and shocks come with high and low speed so it would be nice if the Shockwiz app would let you hide those adjustment tips as it felt like I wasn’t able to tune properly.

Does it work?

In short it definitely does work and is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t know what they are doing but wants to be able to learn, and make constantly adjustments without just feeling in the dark. Since buying I have noticed my bike handle better and as your able to leave the device on permanently I can now just check in with the setting periodically to check and readjust.

I have found that riding different terrains and trail types results in different adjustment feedback. This makes sense as you would want suspension to handle differently on flow trails to super gnarly ones. However, you may not want to reset the suspension every ride so personally I choose to set it up for my most commonly ridden trails and then make more adjustment at more important events such as races.

I would recommend this product but it isn’t cheap. You can rent them from some bike shops but personally I think this is a bit pointless as the results are better the longer you use it.

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