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Michelin Wild Enduro Tyres Review

By 11/08/2019December 17th, 2019No Comments

Rubber side down

In this post I will be reviewing the Michelin Wild Enduro Tyres after a year of testing.

Tyres are arguably one of most important components on a bicycle. After all they are the only part of the bike that are in contact with the ground (or should be). They are partly responsible for ride comfort, grip, handling etc. So it’s no wonder there are so many tyre makes and models out there to choose from.

Michelin Wild Enduro

Today I will be talking specifically about the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres. These come in various sizes both 27.5 and 29 and various widths starting at 2.4. The front tyre also comes in two compounds, Gum-X and Magi-X. I will go into this in more detail later.

So, full disclosure. The Double Drop Race team is sponsored by Enduro Tyres who are a distributor of Michelin tyres in the UK. Most of the team ride Michelin tyres and can get them at a discounted rate. However, this doesn’t change the fact that these are my favourite mountain bike tyres.

DT Swiss carbon Rims with Cushcore Granite Bikes Juicy Nipple dust cap with Michelin Wild Enduro Tyres
MTB and Braking

Why Wild Enduros?

These tyres are quite aggressive looking, almost MX style tyres with big knobs and large channels to get rid of mud. These tyres are perfect for riding loam, dirt and rooty trails. The tyres grip the ground so well and I feel more comfortable riding these tyres than others because I can trust them as they’re predicably grippy.

This doens’t mean they don’t have their drawbacks. For example, the tyres are a soft compound which means they will wear faster than a harder compound tyre. The Wild Enduros aren’t brilliant on rocky trails. The grip brilliantly but can be draggy and will wear fast on rock. If you mostly ride rocky trails why not try one Michelins other tyres and would you rather have the best tyre that wears faster than a rubbish tyre that keeps on going?

I’ve had Michelin Wild Enduros on my bikes for over a year now. These are the same tyres and there is plenty of life left in them. So when I say they wear faster than harder compounds they still last a good long time.

Gum-X and Magi-X

The front tyres come in two different compounds to choose from. Magi-X and Gum-X. Gum-X is the compound you will find on the rear tyre. It’s a harder compound whilst still really grippy. The Magi-X is softer and provides incredible grip. I always opt to have a Magi-X on the front and a Gum-X on the rear. This is because my local trails are more roots than trail and I want the most grip I can get.

DT Swiss XMC Carbon rim With Cushcore


Suprisingly Michelin tyres are not the most expensive tyres and can be bought for around £45 at This is much less than some of their competitors such as Schwalbe and Maxxis.

Whilst you’re checking Enduro Tyres out why not take a look at cushcore? Cushcore is a tyre insert that certainly isn’t cheap or particularly easy to fit either but, the benefits from using them out weight all the negatives. I will be going into cushcore in more depth soon so keep an eye out for that post.

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