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‘Did you know?’

A relatively, (queue pun), ‘short’ topic this time…


Most people I know ride with padded undershorts, they give us a bit more padding and a bit more comfort. But, do you wear underwear underneath your shorts?

Going commando is the best way to increase comfort, yes they are designed to be worn without underwear. Don’t worry if you have been riding for a long time and this is new knowledge, I’d been riding for 18 months before anyone shared this with me. In fact, it was only because the very immodest me was getting changed in front of a mate and they exclaimed, ‘are you wearing underwear?’ that I was ever made any the wiser. But please, on a side note, don’t go to get changed in a car park and forget this fact, and remember to take underwear with you for post ride changing. Padded shorts under jeans isn’t the best look, nor is standing starkers in a public car park when you forget you’re not wearing underwear!

Ok, so I’ve said you shouldn’t, but why?

Basically, undershorts are designed to fit closely to the skin and so when you wear underwear it can cause them to dig in. So I guess I should also mention that you should buy them so they are close fitting and comfortable but not so tight that they cut in anywhere as this is one of the main causes of chafing.

So here I am saying you shouldn’t wear underwear, what does this mean for those of us with multiple days riding planned and only one pair? You need to buy some more basically, or be magic at washing and drying things ready for the next day. Treat your undershorts as underwear.

I will add, this isn’t for everyone though, if you have pants that you find comfortable to ride in you do not have to go commando. My personal experience is without underwear is undoubtedly more comfortable but this isn’t necessarily the same for everyone. I think I said it in my last post, you do you and find what works for you. Alas, if you never try it you’ll never know.

Kate road gap southern enduro QECP 2019

So which undershorts should you go for?

My personal favourite padded shorts are by 100%. They are actually the pair that came with my 100% Airmatic Skylar Shorts SS17. They are quite thin so I don’t get too hot in them and the padding is substantial enough for a long day in the saddle. But, that is my personal opinion… Here’s what other Double Drop riders recommend.

Ben Matthews (Team Rider for Double Drop Factory Racing – Senior Mens)

‘I do!! (wear undershorts) And it varies on whether I wear some (underwear) or not. If it’s a long day in the saddle then no underwear!! Madison ones for me are the best as I find them super comfy and they have a wide pad for my wife (typo! But a great one) *wide ass.’

Adel Southern Enduro QECP 2019

Adel Tyson (LifeStyle Coach and Double Drop Ambassador)

‘I certainly wear undershorts, ouchy! And yes, of course, I don’t wear pants… although, I discovered that Kate (Wakely, Double Drop Ambassador and general badass!), wears pants which I find very strange indeed, but maybe that’s because I come from a roadie background. Can’t believe people wear undies under a chamois… I love Sugoi with the comfiest chamois, except perhaps Assos which are also amazing.’

William Brett-Atkin (Team Rider for Double Drop Factory Racing – Senior Mens and Hardtail)

‘Yes, I wear undershorts, but I wear underwear as well, I double up! Until you told me I did not know you weren’t supposed to wear underwear. I have only tried the mountain warehouse ones which I would not ride without.’

Will Brett-Atkin - Southern Enduro Round 1 QECP 2019

Vicky Balfour (Bike Mechanic and Double Drop Ambassador)

‘My favourite undershorts are dhb’s Classic Women’s Shorts. They’re not cheap, but they are fab.’ Vicky is actually the friend who first told me that you shouldn’t wear pants under your shorts. Thanks for the life-changing (maybe a tad dramatic) advice!

There is a huge market out there but we all have our favourites. If you’ve got any thoughts on this comments are gratefully received. If you have any tips you’d like to share please do. You can send me a message and I’ll include it in a future post. Thanks for reading

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