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Cannondale E-Bike Double Drop Team Demo Day

Join me Will Brett as I take part in a Cannondale mountain bike E-Bike E-MTB day in the Valleys. I’m joined by Graham Upton, Tony Hillier, Anna Cipullo, Katie-Jane Beaven and Jon Woodhouse.

Today we are riding Cannondale Ebikes. I try both the Habit Neo and the Moterra Neo. Both are great bikes but the tyres weren’t right for the steep, greasy, rocky, rooty trails we were riding. The tyres were intended for trail centres as these bike were part of Cannondale’s demo fleet.

It was really cool to ride with some of the guys from the Double Drop 2020 MTB team as well as Jon from If you haven’t tried an ebike yet. Get yourself along to one of Cannondales Demo days:

Cannondale Moterra Neo:

Cannondale Habit Neo:

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