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Hi Everyone Ben here

My new Transitions Scout

As you may have seen if you have been following the social media for Double Drop I have purchased a Transition Scout 2019 through The Bicycle Service and wow what a bike! I have been after a do it all bike for a while and this hasn’t let me down one bit. Its Transitions trail bike but don’t be fooled but that title, it’s been built to take abuse. first things first let’s get the spec out of the way for the Gx Build which is the top of the range for the scout line:

As you can see from the spec of this bike is amazing for the price with it coming in at £3899.95, they do an Nx version of the bike which is cheaper and that comes in at £2899.95 which is still capable of doing a good job.

Scout Alloy 130mm Rear/150mm Front
Fox DPX2 Performance
Fox 36 Grip Performance 150mm
FSA No.57E
RaceFace Aeffect R (40mm)
RaceFace Chester 35
ODI Elite Flow
ANVL Forge Cromo
RockShox Reverb Stealth
SRAM Guide R
SRAM Centerline (180mm)
SRAM XG 1275 (10-50t)
Stans Flow S1 Team
Maxxis Minion DHF 3C WT (27.5×2.5)
Maxxis Minion DHRII 3C WT (27.5×2.4)

The scout really does give you the confidence when the going gets tough and I use this bike for everything trail riding, enduro, street riding and downhill. Transitions SBG (Speed balance geometry) is a work of art with them being able to make the head angle slack so it’s very stable at high speeds on steep descents and with the reduced fork offset on the crown bringing the stanchions back so it’s still very agile on the steering for when the corners get tight.

Transition Scout Side view 03


The next party trick for this bike is the Giddyup 2.0 and wow does this work a treat, I’ve ridden the old version of the bike without this and I found it to be inefficient at climbing and the pedal bob was very evident with that, With this new system it allows the bike to have a wider range of sag to suit the rider without losing any pedal efficiency, in fact, its very much improved it. I very rarely touch the lockout now as i really do not notice any pedal bob at all and with the improved small bump sensitivity on the bike it really does grip when the climbs get tough and in turn makes the ride super comfy, with all this improvement you’d have thought they’d lose the fun that transitions are known for and that’s really not the case! it very much encourages you to push yourself down the trails and get air time wherever possible and be able to corner like it’s on rails.

I’ve had the bike a few months now and in my own opinion I’ve had the most fun I have ever had on the bike and my confidence is through the roof, it really does encourage you to better yourself on the trails and to be honest the only could of faults that I can give the bike is that the dropper post (150mm on the medium) is a little long for me and my little legs so can’t use it at full travel but that really is  down to my height disadvantage and the other complaint is that the seat post cant go all the way down in the frame because of where they’ve placed the main through bolt for the rocker through the seat tube but other than that its great.

If you’re after a fun do it all bike that can take the abuse then this really is the bike for you (if you have seen my Instagram @benwhipsmatthews you can see it really does take the abuse). If your interested in looking at one then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the guys down at the bicycle service and have a ride on the scout demo they have, they will be more than helpful to talk you through in a lot more detail at why this is such a good bike.

Transition Scout Side view 02

Thanks for reading through my review, I will do another one midsummer once I have had a lot more time on it and see if my verdict changes but for now, GO RIDE YOUR BIKES!!



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